Sole Distributor and Pump Supplier in Malaysia

Advance System Solutions Provider

Waterfield is the sole distributor for renowned brands such as Allweiler, Houttuin, Nijhuis, Blackmer, Liquiflo and Sero pumps. These pumps are widely used in drinking water treatment, municipal sewage, waste water and petrochemical plants; oil terminals and edible refineries; fire protection, marine and many other industries.

Established in 1984 as a major supplier for industrial pumps from renowned global brands, Waterfield provides not only high quality products but also services, with well equipped pump facilities and expertise.

Working in close collaboration with international pump manufacturers for over three decades, our company has acquired in-depth knowledge and capabilities to handle a wide range of applications across different industries. Customers have benefited from our strategic alliances, as we are able to combine global capabilities with local knowledge, designing intelligent pumps and systems solutions that ‘start where the factory ends’. This unique approach has set us apart and made us the preferred partner for clients who seek technical and service excellence from a single source.

Today, Waterfield is one of the leading providers of complete pump and system solutions. As a leading pump distributor in Malaysia, thousands of water pump supplied by Waterfield are used confidently by satisfied customers across many industries.