Our People

Waterfield’s employees have been providing customers with hands-on expertise on pumping solutions for almost over 30 years

Waterfield understands that hardware and technology only makes up half the equation of a successful company; to be the best in what we do, we recognize that it takes people to complete the equation. With a strong team of over 30 employees, Waterfield is committed and dedicated to excellence, sharing a common vision to contribute and fulfil industry needs.

Our engineers and technicians as well as our administrative personnel, undergo regular training to upgrade their skills and knowledge, and are empowered in assisting the customers to achieve optimum results at every stage of the work progress. Their timely responsiveness, reliability and attention to detail make Waterfield a dependable partner at all times.

Quality Driven Culture

At Waterfield – we are driven to add value, we strive to provide pumping equipment with low life cycle cost – pumps that are not only reliable but also energy saving, easy to install and maintain for long term benefits; being customer and service centric is key to everything we do. Our business partners, be they manufacturers, contractors or vendors are also carefully selected based on a stringent set of criteria. The same criteria are applied throughout our organisation and are reflected in its structure, so that we can provide customers with the full support they require.