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Waterfield is the sole distributor for renowned brands such as Allweiler, Houttuin, Nijhuis, Blackmer, Liquiflo and Sero pumps. These pumps are widely used in drinking water treatment, municipal sewage, waste water and petrochemical plants; oil terminals and edible refineries; fire protection, marine and many other industries.

Whether it is for pumping water or viscous liquids, corrosive or abrasive liquid, hazardous or high temperature liquids, we have the right product and solutions for most applications. The types of pumps we supply include end suction, split case, vertical turbine, vertical in-line, submersible, sliding vane, gear, pneumatic, screw, progressing cavity, self priming, multi stage, vertical sump and many more.

Beyond offering quality products, Waterfield is fully geared with full-service capabilities, from design preliminary consultation to after-sales service, which ensure customers will enjoy peace of mind.

Waterfield Cenflo Pump

After spending many years in pump development work which includes design, pattern making, castings, machining and testing, Waterfield has succeeded in making the world first horizontal close-coupled axially split-case pump.

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Designed and manufactured in accordance to the highest standards of quality, our high performance and energy efficient range of industrial pumps and related products are made specifically to improve the overall efficiency of our customers’ industrial processes.

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