KQ Pumps


Generally used to transport clean water without solid particles or other liquids with physical or chemical properties similar to water. Can be installed for water supply to tall buildings, fire protection, central air-conditioning, cooling water, boiler water and industrial water supply.


Mainly used for sewage treatment plant, municipal sewage lifting pump station, waterworks, water conservancy, drainage and irrigation.

axial / mixed flow pump

Widely used in flood control, drainage and irrigation, municipal works, wastewater treatment, water supply, drainage in dock, water conservancy and power plant water intake.

vertical multistage pump

Suitable for different temperature, flow and pressure ranges. Widely used in water supply for high-rise buildings, filtration, transportation, supercharged water, cleaning systems, air conditioning systems and many more.

single stage End Suction pump

Available in both horizontal and vertical configuration. Close coupled end suction centrifugal pump suitable for water supply, cooling water, fire-fighting system, air-conditioning systems and many more.

Single Stage END SUCTION PUMP (Stainless Steel)

Available in both horizontal and vertical orientation. Designed with a fully stainless steel casing, impeller and shaft.