first of its kind in the world

Cenflo close-coupled single stage split case pump designed for space saving, low maintenance costs and high efficiency to minimize energy consumption.

It has a single suction overhung impeller, single mechanical seal and a large bearing mounted on a short rigid shaft that minimizes shaft deflection and vibration extending bearing and seal life.

The extremely compact split case pump bring solution to tight floor space and low head room installation. It is easy to install and remove for service, saving valuable floor space and reduce downtime cost.

Pumps are delivered with B3/5 mounting motor for horizontal pump and V1 mounting for vertical pump.

Bronze fitted construction and carbon versus silicon carbide mechanical seal is used on all pumps as standard. Other material are available upon request.


Water Supply

District Cooling

Cooling Circuits

District Heating

Air-Conditioning Systems

General Applications




Ease of Inspection & Maintenance

Cenflo split case pump design allows easy removal of the casing and access to the pump components (impeller, shaft, mechanical seal and bearing) for inspection or maintenance without disturbing the motor, pipework and coupling alignment.


Quick Replacement

Cenflo pump has a preassembled shaft assembly cartridge unit consisting of shaft, mechanical seal, bearing and bearing housing designed for quick replacement and installation.

When pump breakdown due to seal or bearing failure, it is easier and faster to replace the pre-assembled shaft assembly cartridge unit and have the pump running again within a short time while the damaged parts are being repaired for the next replacement.



Extending Seal & Bearing Life

Seals and bearing failures are inter-correlated mainly due to shaft diameter too small, shaft overhung too large and insufficient concentricity between rotating and stationary parts causing shaft deflection.

Cenflo pump design has an oversized and short overhung shaft (L) between bearing and impeller that significantly reduces vibration and bearing loads, extending mechanical seal and bearing life.

Deflection measured at the shaft sealing is less than 0.03mm over the full range of the characteristic pump curves.