We provide what our clients need


Waterfield houses one of the nation’s top pump testing facility capable of measuring flow up to 1,000 m3/hr at 16 bar for motor power up to 315kW*. It is qualified to conduct certified performance tests. The accuracy of the flow is measured via a magnetic flow meter. Customers can have their pumps tested for conformance and having the option of witnessing the procedure at our testing facility along with a third party witness*. 


Waterfield’s service capabilities are one of the best in the country. Sited on covered floor space of a total of 34,000 sq ft., it houses: pump testing rig, 5 ton overhead travelling crane, fork lift, milling and drilling machine, lathe machine, slotting machine, boring machine, welding equipment, laser alignment equipment, portable flowmeter, vibration meter, sound pressure meter, a wide range of cutting tools and more. Our vast experience in pumps coupled with state-of-the art equipment make Waterfield second to none in predictive maintenance service.


Waterfield has a dedicated service team, well trained in pump maintenance and repair. We are able to carry out assessments both on-site and off-site on all the pumps we supply. We recognize that it is intolerable for any temporary shutdown due to pump failure on-site. Therefore at Waterfield, we keep an organized inventory of standard spare parts and maintenance kit for urgent delivery and emergencies.


Waterfield’s team of engineers are able to apply technical expertise on a wide spectrum of applications whom are trained to solving pump problems of various complexities. Additionally, we explore the possibility of creating new and innovative products to better serve related industries. We design new pumps with better efficiency, improve hydraulics and efficiency of existing pumps as well as improve pump construction to increase reliability. Our expertise include, 3D drawings, pipe flow analysis, flow visualization, computational fluid dynamics simulation (CFD) and reverse engineering.


In support of out total solution services, we are able to offer quality welding and assembly services over a broad range of applications – including special requests on fully customized engineering systems.


At Waterfield, we are recognized for our ability to provide high standard documentation. We ensure the provision of detailed listings and stringent screenings on our Vendor Document Requirement List along with other necessary documentation to meet customer’s requests and industry standards.